12 Strands UHMWPE 10mm ATV Synthetic Winch Rope 30 Meter Length

Product Description
The range of diameter
As you request, normal 15/30 meters.
Customer Customized
50 Pieces
Delivery Time
7-10 days


- 70% Stronger than wire.

- 6 x lighter than wire.
- Imported glue coating.
- No water absorbtion / Floats.
- Does not kink.
- Pre-Stretched.
- No wire splinters.
- No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum.
- Pre-Stretched and quick and easy to splice.
- Smooth and tight,high breaking load.

• Nominal Diameter: 10mm
• Length: 30m
• Strands: 12
• Breaking Strain: 8400kg (18,500lb) at the splice which is the weakest point.
• Heat Treated: Yes
• UV Stabilised: Yes
• Dyed: Yes (Blue)
• Pre spliced (Drum end taped for feeding into drum).
• Eye and Splice sheath pre-fitted (Red)
Benefits of rope made in China…
• Manufactured in China
• Tested in China to give a TRUE breaking strain.
• Complete kit ready to fit to your High Mount Winch
• Terminated & spliced ends with secondary layer for protection.
• True 12 strand weave
Packing & Delivery
Company Profile
Qingdao Florescence Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of ropes certified by ISO9001.We have set up several production bases in Shandong and Jiangsu Province to provice kinds of ropes. Mainly products are pp rope, pe rppe,pp multifilament rope,nylon rope,polyester rope,sisal rope,UHMWPE rope and so on. Diameter from 4mm-160mm. Structure:3,4,6,8,12 strands,double braided etc.
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Q: Is it challenging to take care of a synthetic winch rope? A: Synthetic winch ropes don’t require much maintenance. As opposed to steel cables which corrode quickly and needs galvanization for more durability, synthetic winch ropes are far easier to take care of. They do present low resistance to UV rays, which is why you need to keep them away from direct sunlight. Make sure that you dry any moisture on the rope before rewinding it into the drum. Q: Should you use a roller fairlead with synthetic winch rope? A: Simply put, the answer is yes. However, you shouldn’t do it unless you don’t have a hawse style of the fairlead. A new roller and has no sharp edges or burrs, so it may not alter the synthetic rope. Roller fairleads tend to stick out, and it only takes a small impact on the roller fairlead to twist the whole system. It’s all about which one you like most. Q: Steel or synthetic? Which one is better? A: More often than not, people consider the synthetic winch rope to be a lot safer than the steel rope. Nine times out of ten, it is, only because it may never cause injuries. The steel rope does present more energy, and it has a lower risk for abrasion, nevertheless. It may also fray a lot less frequently than the synthetic rope. No matter which type you decide to install, it’s always crucial that you follow the winching techniques precisely, without skipping any safety precautions

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