16mm Aramid Rope With External Polyurethane Layer For Cable Pulling

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Aramid Rope

Type: Aramid fiber ropes
Variety: three strand, four strand, eight strand, twelve strand, double braided etc.
Advantages: Aramid is a very strong material, process after polymerization, stretching, spinning, with stable heat~resistance and high strength. As rope it has high strength , temperature difference(-40°C~500°C) insulation corrosion~resistant performance, low elongation advantages.

Aramid Rope

Application: It is mainly used for high temperature operation, special ship, electrical engineering, marine operations, various types of slings, suspension, military research and other fields.

Aramid has all of the properties you want in a speargun line. It’s ultra high strength, ultra low stretch and superior knot retention mean that once tightened your constictor knot will stay tight. Avoid the problems of knot creep or stretch inherent in other high performance fibers. This line is excellent for a multitude of applications including model rocketry and fire poi. The general characteristics of Aramid are: High Modulus, High LASE (Load At Specified Elongation), High Tensile Strength at Low Weight, Low Elongation to Break High Modulus, (Structural Rigidity), Low Electrical Conductivity, High Chemical Resistance, Low Thermal Shrinkage, High Toughness (Work~To~Break), Excellent Dimensional Stability, High Cut Resistance, Flame Resistant, Self-Extinguishing.

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aramid rope
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