High Quality Marine PE Rope 3 Strand Twisted Polyethylene Rope

Product Description

High Quality Marine PE Rope 3 Strand Twisted Polyethylene Rope


Our polyethylene or PE ropes are available in different colors, in 3 or 4 strand constructions. This monofilament fiber is resistant against abrasion and widely used in fishing. It usually comes in a 220 meter coil.

Polyethylene or PE ropes also float, like polypropylene (PP) ropes, and have a density of around 0.96. These PE ropes are very widely used for a number of different applications. The melting point of polypropylene is 135°C.

Technical Spec

– Comes in 220 meter coil. Other lengths available on request subject to quantity.
– Color: Customized
– Melting point: 135°C
– Relative density: +/- 0.96
– Floating/Non-Floating: floating.
– Elongation at break: approx. 26%.
– Abrasion resistance: good
– Fatigue resistance:good
– UV resistance: good
– Water absorption: no
– Splicing: easy

Detailed Images
Packing & Delivery
Coil, reel, bundle, hanks, usually the coil will be put in the woven bag, the reel/bundle will be put in the carton. And then put into the container
Rope Application
1.Ship Series:Mooring,towing vessels,ocean rescue,transportation hoisting etc.
2.Oceanographic Engineering Series:heavy load rope,ocean salvage,maritime rescue,oil platform moored,anchor rope,towing rope,ocean seismic exploration,submarine cable system etc.
3.Fishing series: fishing net rope, fishing-boat mooring ,fishing-boat towing,large-scale trawl etc.
4.Sail boat series:sailing boat rigging ,bowline,halyard,sail and string series,yacht anchor 
5.Sports Series:gliding ropes,parachute rope ,climbling rope ,sails ropes,etc.
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